The Backstory

There's more to this than just someone being creepy. This is a story that spans over two years that I'm going to try and simplify into a few paragraphs. I won't name drop them because this is the exact attention they want, so let's just call them Dorito.

Mr Dorito joined one of my old Discord servers a very long time ago under a different username. The guy was a fan of my work and we got along just fine. This was until he started the copying. For weeks, this man begged me and my friends endlessly to give him my backgrounds or make him a logo identical to my own. We declined several times and he wouldn't listen. In the end, I'm not sure if he did it himself or paid someone off but he crudely cloned my artwork. After this, we washed our hands with him and that was that.

That was just a precursor.

A long time passes, bridges are rebuilt and we're all fine and dandy again with Dorito. Then something odd happens, again. He starts stealing stupid AVI's I use on Discord. Then things get progressively worse. More and more things I do are being copied until I have enough and tell him to leave.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself that doesn't sound terrible. I haven't even scratched the surface.

The present

After cutting all communication with Dorito, he stalks me, straight up. He does these little things to try and be like me. One point of interest is his Twitter. Now, let's compare some things.‌                                                                        

My account in current standing
Doritos account in current standing

To begin with, the banner. I chose to use a simple gradient as it's what I had laying around in assets from my live streams. Dorito uses a similar gradient. While I used mine because it was an asset I had lying around, Dorito spent time creating a gradient also fading blue to purple in the same way just to use as his twitter banner. Next, something small but something that drove me to make this tweet and confirms Dorito's stalking. A week ago or so, I started using the ✦ symbol on the end of my name. Today, I was notified he was doing the same. For gods sake even his bio has no originality and is laid out in the same format. He's attached his imaginary girlfriend to the end as well to make himself that much closer.

Next up, his website.

My website in current standing
His website in current standing

‌As you can clearly see, it's a clone. Everything from the hero at the top, to the navigation bar to the social links. It's a design clone. I was curious to see if the guy had actually stolen some of my code and to nobody's surprise, lookie here!


To start with, it's no biggie but he's using the same animations I am. This is fine as they are all open source but the fact he's using the same style is yet another indication that he's trying to clone me.


Here you can see my CSS gradient animation. And by that I mean you can see it. Both times. The guy has straight up stolen my animation.

Another notable point is how I have my logo underlined. I do this on a lot of websites I design. He attempted to do the same thing but failed. The reason I cannot show you this is because the line intersects with his profile picture and that would cause me to reveal information.

The point

Now, a lot of you are reading this and are probably wondering what the point to this post is. To me, this is unsettling. There's actively watching everything I do on the internet and then doing it himself. It's internet stalking.

There are countless things I haven't mentioned from buying a Nintendo Switch just to play the same games I do

to creating an entire clone of my ItsDevvy image, called Its[REDACTED], this guy is a nutcase.

I won't mention unspeakable thing's he's done either as that just gives him more of a lime light. Just, if you ever manage to find this individual, his Twitter likes will be the death of him.

The moral of the story is, this is stalking. Please, for the love of God find your own personality. I'm not mad, I'm worried. I just want you to go away and not come back.

Stop copying me, stop stalking me, find yourself.