Hey there lads, Just want to write a quick post explaining what has been happening with Poni over the past month. I will try and keep it as brief as possible while still containing critical details.

Limited functionality

More or less, Discord had a massive behind the scenes update. This update changed the way bots interact with Discord. One of these changes was limiting the data Poni could gain about users in a server.

This, while well-intentioned by Discord's team, meant that Poni was unable to do things like announce new members, authorise new members with the agree system, count statistics like the member count, etc.

While this update was happening and there was a grace period to claim these permissions for your bot, I was away from Discord. I missed the chance to apply. This meant that one day I was made aware that the bot was not functioning normally at all.

Once I found this information out, I appealed to Discord to re-enable Poni's access to these permissions. This was easier said than done. Firstly, I'd like to say I have nothing against Discord support. The two reps I spoke to were really kind and understanding of the situation. I wrote a long appeal, showing screenshots and examples of code. I recieved a message back the next day telling me this would be investigated and they would get back to me, but get back to me they did not.

Obviously, they were incredibly backed up with work and ignored my messages for a long period of time. This being about a month. After this period of time, I received an email from another rep apologising for the delay stating they were very backed up with other idiots like myself who missed the grace period, which was understandable. They then stated that stupidly the email I sent them the request on, was not connected to my Discord. So I resent a ticket on the right account, waited another week, and behold, the bot has returned!


If you're not a nerd, feel free to skip this part.

Personally, I really dislike the direction the current API is going. I understand they intend to protect users by locking things away, but it makes it incredibly hard for new aspiring developers to grow.

For example, to have a bot in over 100 servers now, you must fill out an application and submit a form of ID such as a driver's license to Discord themselves. Furthermore, you have to leak and show potentially closed source code to Discord employees to be approved simple actions such as finding the number of users in a guild.

I understand nothing I say means anything and will impact nothing, but I miss the days of the wild west where bots were there own thing away from the hands of big brother. They were a community project and now day by day they slowly become more limited and locked away.

Poni updates

If you're an avid user of Poni, you may be wondering why updates have dramatically slowed. The reason behind this is due to multiple factors but I will only touch on one.

Mainly, the development is a one-man operation. I write all code myself. Doing that while maintaining a social life isn't an easy task. I am also a university student which yet again takes away time from development.

This project earns me nothing and costs me to run each month. I do it out of passion and drive for a truly good bot to be available to the community.

Closing remarks

I hope you somewhat gained some insight behind the iron curtain today. I hope to write to you again soon!