A very good summary of my feelings.


Our little corner of Discord is experiencing an epidemic I call the trans wave. It more or less boils down to any fucker thinking being a girl would suit them better and applying the label of 'trans' to themselves. Let me make something clear. I do not have an issue with trans individuals or the community but things like this really do get under my skin..

The Problem

The problem lies in the people who make 0 effort to transition. You know who you are. You outright call yourselves female while sitting around in a wife beater and a little tash. This is my only issue. I understand entirely not a lot of people could come out to their family but at least shave maybe? Try to look visually more feminine without making it all too obvious to those who don't know?

False advertising

If you outright show an image of yourself publicly and call yourself trans, disregard this but to those who are MtF (male to female) and tell people you're female while hiding behind an anime avatar or something, it isn't fair. It's just outright lying and ramping peoples expectations up. Cisgender girls have gotten to the point where they have to point out they're cisgender because of all of this. I understand people may not be comfortable with showing themselves online but at least state you are transgender if so.


Let me reiterate, this is my opinion. You can disagree with me but I just had to write up something to vent my frustration about people who pull this kind of charade. Yet again, nothing against trans people. I've dated a few myself. Let's just be honest, okay girls?